Welcome To Melting Pot Restaurant Djibouti


Welcome To Melting Pot Restaurant Djibouti

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About Melting Pot Restaurant Djibouti

Melting Pot Restaurant  Djibouti


Welcome to the Melting Pot Restaurant, Djibouti’s best fusion restaurant.


Whether you’re a fan of sushi, a devotee of seafood, looking for a good steak or somebody who seeks out the best local cuisine, Melting Pot has something that’s bound to please.


Set in a beautiful fountained landscape, our restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining areas and an outdoor bar so you can enjoy a drink in the garden whilst browsing our menu which contains a range of Japanese, French and Djiboutian dishes.


Lonely Planet tips Djibouti to be one of the top travel destinations in 2018 and we’re ready to help travelers experience our country at its best. Not only do we offer some of the best international cuisine, but our local specialities such as camel and beef are sourced from Somalia, known for its excellent quality livestock. Our camel meat is renowned for its quality and is a ‘don’t miss’ experience if you’re travelling in Djibouti.


The history of the Melting Pot 

When we opened the Melting Pot Restaurant in 2008 we had a vision to fuse Japanese delicacy and French cuisine fundamentals omnipresent in Djibouti. We wanted to introduce the the Japanese gastronomy in Djibouti and to help discover local food and tradition to foreigners. Over the years we collaborated with many international chefs from France and Japan and developed the savoirfaire that helped us achieve these goals .We worked hard to design a menu that works perfectly for a multicultural clientele and celebrates the best of Japanese, French and Djiboutian cuisine. Our local clientele are delighting with sushis and Japanese hot food and the foreigners are tasting  camel meat and the tibs discovering the local culture and flavors.


What makes us the best restaurant in Djibouti?


We think there’s any number of reasons that we’re one of the most popular eating places in Djibouti. Here are just a few:


  • We choose our line caught local fish every morning in order to assure the highest quality so we can make the freshest sushi and seafood dishes for our customers
  • The multinational team at Melting Pot brings culinary excellence from around the globe. Our Chef has 25 years experience in Japanese and French kitchen and he traveled all over the world while our local waiters and cooks have been working with us for a decade to create wonderful food and provide a good service.
  • Our garden area provides a relaxing space to eat, or just to sit and enjoy a drink after dinner.

What to expect at the Melting Pot Restaurant Djibouti?


From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel right at home. Our team of waiters, cooks and bartenders will make their maximum to ensure that you have the best meal in Djibouti, and our menu will introduce you to wonderful blend of Japanese, French and local cuisine. So whether you’re coming to Djibouti for the first time or a local looking for the finest eatery in the country, we’re ready to welcome you to the Melting Pot.

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Sashimi Poisson Melting Pot Restaurant Djibouti
Fresh fish and delicious sashimi and sushi. At Melting Pot restaurant Djibouti.
Meilleur Restaurant du Djibouti
Steak in the Best Restaurant In Djibouti
Try our Camel Meat in burger ,steak, skewer,teriyaki. Exclusive at Melting Pot Restaurant Djibouti

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La mer rouge nous fournit toutes ses richesses, le poisson frais, les palourdes, le crabe etc… Nous préparons et servons les meilleures sushi d’Afrique. Pour les amoureux de viande, nous vous proposons les meilleures viandes de Djibouti, grillées à la perfection..Filet de Boeuf, Côte de Boeuf, Filet de Dromadaire, Magret de Canard etc…

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Nous assurons la meilleure qualité de viande à Djibouti. Nous la grillons à la perfection, pour maintenir le goût parfait de la cuisson à feu vif et garder sa chair tendre et juteuse.

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This post is also available in: Japanese Chinese (Simplified) Spanish Korean Portuguese (Portugal) Italian Somali Swedish German Norwegian Bokmål

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Bon Appétit

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